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on site massage

"On- site massage is the ideal relaxation technique at the workspace or for pregnant women"

The term on-site massage (or chair massage) describes a massage technique practiced on a special chair. There are various types of such chairs, all of which are foldable and adaptable to the patient’s body shape.

Chair massage is practiced on the clothed body, without the use of lubricants. It is usually done on the body’s most abused part, the back. The chair’s design also allows the back of the neck, the lower back and the limbs to be massaged. Each session lasts about 20 minutes.

On-site massage relaxes the nervous system, resulting in the reduction of stress and headaches. It relieves the muscular system and treats tendon problems, while improving body posture. It stimulates the flow of energy, producing a sense of wellness, while facilitating concentration.

It is a technique applied often in business environments, to combat the effects of long hours in a seated position. It is also ideal for pregnant women and other persons with mobility issues which prevent them from using an ordinary massage bed.