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body detoxification technique

“Good lymph circulation is necessary for the detoxification of the body”

Stress and pressures experienced daily result in blocking the body’s flow of energy. They also impede the flow of blood and lymph, which leads to an accumulation of toxins.

After blood, lymph is the second most important fluid of the human body; it transfers nutrients, lymphocytes, antibodies and fats from the small intestine to the blood. A detoxification of the body is necessary to ensure the unimpeded flow of lymph. 

The body detoxification technique comprises gentle massage whose aim is to stimulate the lymphatic system in a natural, non-invasive way. The basic movements are upward strokes with the palm and fingers from the periphery to the centre of the body, parallel to the flow of the blood and lymph.

This technique has an immediate and significant effect to overall health, both within the body and at the surface. The removal of toxins improves the function of the intestine and prevents fluid retention. It also improves vascular circulation and treats swelling.

As the technique also improves blood circulation, tissues are better oxygenated. This in turn reduces cellulite, while skin becomes smooth and glowing; it also breaks up fat, while boosting metabolism. Additionally, the method firms up the skin, reducing flabbiness all over the body.

Overall, enhancing lymph circulation boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy energy balance throughout the body.


What does the body detoxification technique involve?

The method combines gentle massage with essential oils, in a particular area or all over the body.

Can body detoxification be combined with other therapies?

Body detoxification may be combined with any other treatment. Ideally, it is recommended in tandem with NLP coaching health, so as to achieve the detoxification of both the mind and spirit. It is often accompanied by the use of medicinal herbs, such as lemon, parsley, artichoke etc, as well as with techniques the patient practices at home, according to the therapist’s instructions.

How frequent should treatments be?

The recommended frequency for treatment is twice a week for 1 month. Then, once a week for the next month and afterwards once a month or whenever necessary, depending on the body’s needs.