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meet Sophia


Faculty of Tourism Management, University of West Attica (1992)

Specialisation in Alternative Therapies (2005)
Basic training on:

  1. Reflexology

Center of Reflexology and Research, Diploma of Reflexology

Reflexology Certificate for stress, in pregnancy, for the spine, for women’s health, zone therapy for relieving pain


  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Certificate of attendance, Abdominal acupuncture 1st level

Certificate of attendance, Abdominal acupuncture 2nd level

Certificate of attendance, Auricular acupuncture diagnosis and therapy musculoskeletal pain

Certificate of attendance, Classical five-element acupuncture

Certificate of attendance, Auriculotherapy and auricular acupuncture “auricular neuromodulation”

Certificate of participation, balance method acupuncture

Certificate of attendance, essential understanding of auriculotherapy

Acupuncture detoxification specialist (ADS)

Academy of Chinese Acupuncture, practice in acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture in headache and neck problems

Cupping therapy, Heat therapy, Gua Sha

Certificate of attendance 1st Mediterranean congress on auricular neuromodulation

Berkeley College, Natural Therapies, Electroacupuncture

Auricular acupuncture


  1. Face anti-ageing techniques

European Cosmetic Academy of Chinese Acupuncture

Certificate of attendance, cosmetic gua sha massage

Certificate of participation, international 4th TCM congress in Athens

Academy of Chinese Acupuncture, cosmetic cupping and the use of derma-roller for firming the skin

Seminar of cosmetic dermatology according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Certificate in Gua Sha

Certificate of participation at the international symposium REFORMED Aisbl

Cosmetic reflexology of the face

Certificate of attendance, Ayurveda face massage training

Diploma of Holistic Rejuvenation Massage


  1. Body detoxification techniques & On Site

Lymphatic Drainage

Thai table, Thai, Herbal, Shiatsu, Sport, Lomi lomi Hawaiian, On-site seated, Ayurveda back, Neuromuscular therapy

Hellenic Shiatsu Society, Seiki seminar

Hellenic Shiatsu Society, where language meets ki-introduction to clean language for Shiatsu.

Fascia shiatsu- 1st & 2nd level


  1. Herbal therapy

1st International Conference of Scientific Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy diploma

Diploma of aromatherapies

Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine, herb collection training 

Diploma of Holistic Herbal Therapy


  1. NLP & Hypnosis

NLP California University, Santa Cruz USA

Basic and Advanced hypnotherapy practitioner


  1. Qigong

International Health Qigong Duan Diploma


Languages spoken: Greek, English



Holistic therapies: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, reflexology, face anti-ageing & detoxification techniques, body detoxification techniques, NLP health coaching.

My sincere gratitude to all my teachers and their schools

“My main aim is a personal and holistic approach to therapy”

My name is Sophia Vlahou. I studied Tourism Management at the University of West Attica. Initially, I worked as an accountant in large resorts.

Since 2005, I began studying, specialising and working in the area of alternative medicine, turning my passion into reality. I began studying reflexology and followed up with studies in massage techniques. Later, I studied Chinese Medicine focusing, mostly, on traditional Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture is a therapeutic practice of great importance which is why, to this day, I continue to expand my knowledge and specialisation in it. 

Besides the above, I have specialised in anti-ageing techniques for the face, as well as detoxification techniques for both the face and body.

I also study fascia, the diagnostic technique which recognises the effects of emotions on the body; I provide NLP coaching, hypnotherapy and coach small groups in the Chinese technique of Qigong. Lately, I have delved deeply and have been practicing health coaching; I specialise in achieving it through a person’s heightened knowledge of oneself, boosting their self esteem, managing stress, chronic pain and body weight – the latter by means of proper nutrition.

My constant desire for growth and development, has led me to a continuous search for knowledge and creative activities, for myself as well as for others. My basic principle is that every person is unique, every soul special, every symptom an emotion’s effect on the body and every therapy a unique voyage of revelation and healing. The relationship between therapist and patient is one of trust. Based on that, I aim to provide the best possible therapy. That is why I combine a wide array of information from various systems, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.

Sophia Vlahou

My principles


Every person is unique, every soul special, every symptom an emotion’s effect on the body, and every therapy a unique voyage of revelation and healing


The relationship between therapist and patient is one of trust.


There is an element of positivity in every action.


After receiving every bit of information (positive or negative), we develop it.

My vision

The most profound result of every therapy provided is to balance one’s energy. This for me was the deepest motive in delving into certain techniques. My vision is to contribute, as much as possible, to a better quality of life, by offering help.  Specifically, I use my knowledge to “train” every patient to focus on their positive energy and balance, thus improving their daily life.