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herbal therapy

"A natural treatment, by means of herbs and flowers"

Herb therapy is a very ancient art which has been the basis of every traditional healing system. It may use herbs or parts of them to achieve health outcomes, as well as plant products which contain active plant ingredients as well as other ingredients and their combinations.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are the “tool” which facilitates bringing into harmony the energies of body and mind. Herbs are used to achieve balance, by nourishing the body to achieve all around health.

Herbal therapy “recipes” use a combination of herbs, of which one or two have the strongest effect for the treatment of an ailment. The others act supportively, to address other aspects of the problem. The aim of each combination is for herbs to assist and reinforce the health benefits of each other.

Usually, the herb parts are used with little to no processing. That is why all their ingredients are present, acting synergistically. It is important to notice that the toxicity of certain plant parts is reduced or neutralised when the plant is not processed.

Bringing about a balance in the energies of body and mind by means of herbs has a beneficial effect against fatigue and hypertension. It also contributes to treating inflammation, which usually results from stress and anxiety, as well as migraines. According to studies, herbs boost the immune system and the detoxification processes of the body. There are also reports that herbal therapies may help treat hormonal or digestive problems. 

It is worth noting that proper use of herbal remedies by specialised practitioners may also help treat psychosomatic disorders, such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, memory problems, sadness and sexual dysfunctions.