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"Holistic, medication-free, complementary health treatment"

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese treatment, practiced in many modern countries. It sees the individual as a whole; that is why it is called a holistic therapeutic art. Its aim is to bring about a state of physical and mental harmony.

This method (also known as the “zone therapy”) is based on the theory that every organ is connected with particular spots on the body which reflect it, mostly on the soles of the feet, the palms and the ears. By using his/her fingers to apply pressure at these spots, the therapist locates the ailing parts and helps the body to return to a state of balance. 

Reflexology may be used to treat a wide array of medical problems, without the use of medicine. It functions supportively and may be practiced in tandem with any other medical or alternative treatment. One of its better known benefits is the improvement of blood circulation which, in turn, helps all systems function better. It also contributes to the removal of toxins, as it tones the organs charged with the task, such as the kidneys and liver.

Reflexology can treat orthopaedic (e.g. cervical spine pain), digestive (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease), hormonal (menstruation) and other ailments. An important aspect of reflexology is that it contributes to the treatment of stress and nervous tension, thus achieving a mental equilibrium. It is especially recommended for problems related to stress, such as insomnia and migraines. Reflexology releases the curative properties of the body, thus helping the body heal itself.

It may be applied in any circumstances and enables the full and unimpeded function of every gland, organ, tissue and cell in the human body. According to most people’s testimonies, reflexology treatments produce a feeling of deep relaxation and wellness.


May I try reflexology if there is no underlying chronic condition?

Reflexology is a natural, medicine-free treatment. That is why it may be used preventively, in order to maintain one’s physical and psychological health.

How often may I practice reflexology?

This method adapts to the needs of every patient. One may have reflexology every day, once a week or once a month, depending on the desired outcome.