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NLP health coaching – hypnosis

"Hypnosis is paired ideally with NLP coaching and all other techniques which result in changes in an individual’s behaviour”

NLP Coaching is suitable for any person who wishes to bring about positive change in any aspect of his or her life. It is a method which focuses the human mind, wholly and without distractions, to the pursuit of any desirable goal.

More specifically, it is a process of observation which allows one to knowingly create one’s own reality. As the power of the mind unfolds, change, success, quality and prosperity in every facet of life are ensured.
NLP Coaching focuses on discovering the limiting parameters that impede one from achieving his or her goals. It does not focus on the past so much as on one’s wishes for the future. It also focuses on one’s personal development during the process of achieving their goals. Changing the beliefs that limit oneself gives a person the ability to live his or her life within a framework that he or she defines. Essentially, the emphasis is on a person’s own needs and balances, resulting in an immediate improvement of a person’s relationship with oneself. While boosting self esteem, the technique also improves communication with other people. The patient is better able to determine his or her direction in life and their potential is revealed.

Generally speaking, NLP Coaching has been practiced for more than 50 years; it is a practice of self exploration and evolution. In order to achieve the best possible results it is recommended boosting the practice with hypnosis.

Modern hypnotherapy recognises that the only “power,” through which changes may be achieved within a therapeutic framework, lies in the subconscious mind. The person bypasses their own conscious mind and communicates directly with their subconscious, in order to redefine or direct it.

This is exactly where the methods and techniques of hypnotherapy lead: to bring a person into contact with uncharted aspects of their personality and to solve problems through the new realisations achieved by means of this inner communication.


Where do NLP coaching sessions take place?

NLP coaching may be done in person or online.

How long is each session?

Every session lasts 60 minutes.

How many sessions are required and how often should they take place?

NLP Coaching sessions should be done once or twice a week. They are tailored to the needs of every individual. That is why the sessions required depend on the desired outcome.