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Reflexology embraces stress

Reflexology is a method of holistic treatment which allows us to make a unique journey on the human body, by mapping each person’s uniqueness and individual needs.

A journey on the soles of the feet

This journey starts from the soles of the feet, and ends at the organs of the body, via a process of relaxation, stimulation and homeostasis. The latter is the balance between too much or too little power in the body.

This journey takes place as what happens at the mapped region of the feet is reflected in the organs. The mapped regions are the soles and upper part of each foot.

This mapping helps us find easily the corresponding organs for each spot at the foot. Reflexology is an ancient art (Greece, Egypt, China, India) and focuses in stimulating the body so that it achieves balance and relaxation, while boosting the immune system.

This is the desired outcome, that a natural prevention is established, to achieve all of the above. Prevention helps the body stay healthy and maintains it in a positive condition.

The result is excellent and desirable.

It has been observed that by using simple techniques at home we may relieve symptoms of stress. Stress shows itself in all aspects of daily life.

Reflexology may act supportively in treating a variety of problems, such as headaches, fatigue, indigestion, sleep problems, back ache and muscle pains in general. You should not wait for symptoms to begin affecting your life.

There are simple solutions which may make your daily life better.

Finger pressure on the soles of the feet

The practitioner follows a specific technique, by using his or her hands, nothing else. The pressure of his/her fingers stimulates the reflection spots or areas of the feet, producing an involuntary reaction of the organs corresponding to these areas.

The proper stimulation of these reflection points may significantly affect a person’s health. We may do a simple session ourselves following the instructions of a reflexologist, as self help, a small sample of love for ourselves.

A small step… A great beginning of care

Take of your shoes and socks and give yourselves a relaxing gift of health. Do it before you go to bed to help yourselves fall asleep faster and have a better quality sleep. Through self relaxation, we begin controlling the manifestations of our stress. Gradually, our stress becomes a friend and is more easily manageable.

Practical advice

A simple way is to get a nice cream and gently massage the arches of our feet. It is better to start at the side of our large toe and move until the back of the foot, by focusing on the arch. It provides great relief and it would be good to do this for 5-10 minutes on both feet. We may do in circular strokes or up-and-down ones, or any which way we like, as long as it feels restful.

Our intention is very important. We must want to offer ourselves something nice. It is important to notice that reflexology is a safe and harmless technique to improve one’s health.

Change for ourselves

We usually focus on the spots that are more painful, until we feel that the problem area is pain free or at least somewhat softer. Caring for ourselves includes moments of enjoyment, rest and relaxation. Both mental and physical fatigue require time for rest and real care.

It is therefore very important that you take the time you feel you need to rest body and spirit, empty yourself from worries and stresses and recharge your batteries.

Your quality of life will gradually improve, but the change will be great.

I will conclude with the words of Alvin Toffler: “Change is not merely necessary in life. It is life!”

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